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The accumulated wisdom and tactics scrawled upon these pages was hard earned by hardened dungeoneers, yet fortune smiles upon thee, reader, for they are freely given to those of letter and grit.

I must confess my ax-arm grips the quill with some delicacy, its haft not made for the gnarled hands of war. Still, before I breathe my last I shall imprint the fruit of my experience, being of superior mind than those who would abuse this parchment with not but boasts and exaggerations!

For the aspiring dungeoneer, I will compile simple rules of conduct to illuminate your path through the dark and evil places that so often host also wonders and fortune. If you trod such a place, no other piece of kit will serve you as well as The Dungeoneer's Field Manual. I would advise you bring two copies, aspirant, for they will surely wear by virtue of their own usefulness.

The Dungeoneer's Field Manual is a pocket guide, easy to carry on adventures when ounces and cubic inches matter. To shape and prime a most respectable dungeoneer, however, I have laid forth the tactics and technicalities of a life's pursuit in The Compleat Dungeoneer's Companion.

Lastly, when the brandy flows freely, I have been known to share the process of my work, for though age hath found my ax grown heavy and my knees grown stiff, it hath too found my mirth grown light and my tongue spry!


I created this blog to showcase some of my work and my works-in-progress. Some of these posts will be in character for the fun of it, but I'll be sure to post out of character (tagged OOC) to communicate more clearly what I'm trying to accomplish.

Tactical Dungeoneering designs and publishes tabletop games, especially RPGs and RPG related material. The Dungeoneer's Field Manual is the rule book for a light-weight RPG system with a classic aesthetic and an emphasis on accessibility. This is accomplished not only by its simplicity of play, but also by foregoing the need for a dedicated Game Master.

Keep an eye on development by joining the mailing list and following us on social media!

Stairs descend into the Halls of Mor'dua Ren

The egress from the Hall of the Mor'dua Ren. Chains were installed by optimistic dungeoneers to assist with the conveyance of discovered fortunes, traversing over 900 damp and uneven stone-carved steps. Not one piece of gold has been recovered from these halls to date, yet the lives they have claimed are numerous.



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