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The Dungeoneer's Field Manual

The most essential field guide to surviving the world's evilest of places in pursuit of wealth abundant, penned by this same hand that, ax in grip, hath plundered countless tombs, necromancers' towers, and tyrants' keeps!

The conquered fortress in which I make my study is built upon a vault, wherein the fruits of an old campaigner's life are piled high. Impenetrable by a lesser strategist than I, thus requiring a tactician of mythical wit to breach, I am secure in my boast that I am above peddling my letters for coin.

Hired now are dozens of monks and scribes, reproducing my work to distribute among the guild halls, martial colleges, and libraries across the realm. Access to all shall be granted, that the bold should gain the advantage of my experience, at no cost to they or thee.

Take this guide with you, economical with words to make light your kit, yet herein are the practices we live by. We seekers of fortune, we treaders upon evil, we dungeoneers!


The first component and back-bone to Heroes of Happenstance (working title) is complete! The Dungeoneer's Field Manual documents the rules for 1pd20, the game's light-weight d20 system. If you're new to RPGs, don't let that combination of numbers, letters, and words intimidate you. A d20 system means the rules are built to use a 20-sided die to determine success or failure of outcome.

As a mental exercise, I decided I was going to boil d20 down to its essence and see if I couldn't condense the whole thing to a single page. I'm happy to say that I was successful!

This will be made public and freely available once the entire game is fully developed and play tested. Still to come - an Adventurer's Almanac, which provides the lore for the game's setting, a Concise Cartography deck, an easy to use tool for creating game maps, and a Dungeon Key or two, which is a playable adventure.

To follow our tenet and fulfill the purpose of accessibility, a nice bundle of such components will be available in The Compleat Dungeoneer's Companion.


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